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Azalea hortinno

Latin name:

Rhododendron indica 'Hortinno'



A long period of bloom (4 to 6 weeks) is Hortinno's number one sales argument. Furthermore, Hortinno® stands for new and refined sorts which always give the consumer the added value of a magnificent azalea including a shining leaf and unique colours

Size available: 4,5", 6"

Fertilize: The Hortinno® does not need any fertiliser the first years.

Pruning: Real Hortinno® lovers can trim their plants after they have bloomed. The Hortinno® will bloom again the following year provided that it is well maintained during the summer!

Note: It is always best to buy a colourful Hortinno®. This means that you can see the colour of the buds as soon as they begin to open. At all events these plants give you a guaranteed bloom, even in your living room where they receive less light than in the greenhouse nursery