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Stephanotis on hoop

Latin name:

Stephanotis floribunda




Flowers, fragrance and quality! Stephanotis floribunda is grown by Foliera year round. It is sold on a hoop with buds and flowers. We offer the regular Stephanotis with 1-3 clusters and the MULTI with 4+ clusters. For the holidays, they are available with decorations.

Size available: 5"

Placement: The Stephanotis is a climbing vine that can be grown on a hoop or trellis. During the summer months it thrives outdoors on a patio or terrace.

Fertilize: Fertilize from February to September with a general fertilizer for flowering houseplants.

Blooming: Inside, May to October, more abundantly in June.

Note: Even though it can tolerate room temperature, it prefers night temperatures of 50-62 degrees Fahrenheit.