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Azalea hortinno

Latin name:

Rhododendron indica 'Hortinno'



A long period of bloom (4 to 6 weeks) is Hortinno's number one sales argument. Furthermore, Hortinno® stands for new and refined sorts which always give the consumer the added value of a magnificent azalea including a shining leaf and unique colours

Size available: 4,5", 6"

Fertilize : The Hortinno® does not need any fertiliser the first years.

Prunning : Real Hortinno® lovers can trim their plants after they have bloomed. The Hortinno® will bloom again the following year provided that it is well maintained during the summer!

Note : It is always best to buy a colourful Hortinno®. This means that you can see the colour of the buds as soon as they begin to open. At all events these plants give you a guaranteed bloom, even in your living room where they receive less light than in the greenhouse nursery

Suggested presentation

Medium light Medium light : During the winter months, the Hortinno® flourishes best in as light a setting as possible. Furthermore, a cooler station means that your Hortinno® will bloom longer.
Generous Generous water : It is important to water your Hortinno® every 2 to 4 days so that the plant can stand in 3cm of water. This gives the plant the chance to absorb the required water. However, on the next day, you should tip out any remaining excess water. Indeed, during the winter, it is important that the plant is not left to stand for longer than one night with the base of the pot in water. Water the plant again a few days later, when the soil once again feels dry, or if the flowers and leaves of the plant seem to be withering. This ensures strong and healthy roots, which, in turn, ensure healthy growth.














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